After learning where to look, we've embarked upon an adventure in Russia. In an underground bunker built centuries ago, audio logs revealed a forgotten story. It seems that when the Earth was invaded by the Stellar Empire, most of the planet surrendered after a few years of struggle, but one country - Russia - fought on for a couple of decades (curiously, nowadays the area is a cornerstone of the Mutant Alliance) and became the last refuge of the so-called X-COM project, a clandestine organisation created back then to pit Earth's best and brightest against the invasion. We've found some technical expertise developed by X-COM, chiefly that of nuclear-powered laser weapons that had practically unlimited energy supply. However, to make heads or tails of this data we need to expand our knowledge base in the areas of nuclear weaponry and power sources. We must also examine contemporary Laser and Gauss weapons before attempting to develop laser guns based on X-COM expertise.